Specifically designed to clean LP vinyl records in the sink or washing-up bowl


Clamp consists of :  Nylon bolt/nut/wing-nut, 4 glued acrylic discs, LDPE (low-density polyethylene) caps and a spindle spacer for centering vinyl record on to the clamp.


The WBVRCC has wide coverage and allows for any labels that are off centre to be fully covered, with no contact made on the vinyl record label.


Acrylic discs are drilled, turned on a lathe and finished to a high degree of accuracy, for the fitting of an exactly central spindle with close tolerance through other half of clamp. Wing-nut contact area is sanded in a circular direction to help eliminate any chance of fluid ingress. The same method is used on the vinyl contact area of the LDPE seal.


Fully leak proof and has a three year guarantee.  Every clamp is tested before despatch.

Hand made in the UK to a very high standard.


DIRECTIONS:  Place vinyl record over spindle, place other half of clamp over spindle, screw down wing-nut until it just 'pinches' onto acrylic, do-up 2 - 2.5 turns.  Do not exceed maximum of 3 turns.


Price :  £23.10 (includes p&p 'signed for')


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(Washing-up Bowl Vinyl Record Cleaning Clamp)

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