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     HQ1, 2 & 3 for UK customers only


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Payment can be made by Paypal, Bank transfer or Postal Order

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                    Mark Fletcher

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  FK NO1

            Price:  £20

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  HIGHQUAL1  1 litre

  Price:  £15.00

  HIGHQUAL2  1 litre

 Price:  £17.00

  HIGHQUAL3  1 litre

  Price:  £18.00


  Price:  £12.00

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Kit price :  £20 (includes £4.00 p&p)



        Price:  £2.60

Made to order but normally one or two in stock

Price: mods £19 + exchange your MK1 Knosti clamp, p&p £4.10 = £23.10




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           Price:  £47

                            Kit price :  £47 (includes £4.00 p&p)


Extra Whatman91 filter papers:    £2.60 for 6 (1 pack) 

For filter kit 1 & 2                             Price includes p&p


Extra post-filter papers:                £2.50 for 6 (1 pack)

For filter kit 2                                   Price includes p&p



        Price:  £2.50

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       Price:  £21

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HQ4 Surfactant+  :  £12.00 (includes £3.00 p&p)

DIY: make your own vinyl record cleaner & rinse

   Modified MK1

   Knosti clamp

   Price: £23.10

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   Modified MK2

   Knosti clamp

   Price: £23.10

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    VRCC with 'grip'

   spindle end (MK1)

      Price:  £45.10

   VRCC with handle

   spindle end (MK2)

      Price:  £51.10

Bespoke designed. Made to order. 5 year guarantee

Price: VRCC £32, grip spindle end £9 + p&p £4.10 = £45.10



Bespoke designed. Made to order. 5 year guarantee

Price: VRCC £32, handle spindle end £15 + p&p £4.10 = £51.10


Spindle ends are interchangeable

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Modified MK1(Gen1) Knosti clamp MUST be supplied by customer

Price: modification £19  p&p £4.10 = £23.10


Posting your MK1 or MK2 clamp to me


Post 4 parts + Name & Address Tape flat. Under 100g.2.5cm. 'Large Letter' Magnify green small Mail black large Mail black small


        Price:  £3.50

Price: £21 (includes £3 p&p)

With 3 year guarantee

Filter cloth to fit Knosti filter        £3.50 for 3 (1 pack)

                                                       Price includes p&p

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VRCC are out of stock but orders will still be taken.

There is approximately 1 weeks waiting time at the moment. My apologies for any delay.

                                                                     Overseas customers

       Please e-mail or phone for shipping prices


 Payment by PayPal

 PayPal invoice will be sent to your e-mail address      

 Or pay by bank transfer.

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