Posting your MK1 or MK2 clamp to me

    If you wish to exchange your clamp there is a £9 price reduction (pay only for  the modification + p&p)

    MK1 (Generation1) & MK2 (Generation2) are under construction at this time.



    Tape parts down flat on a small, thin piece of card (cereal packet is ideal), see photos.

    Include white 45rpm/7inch adapter, this is modified as well. Adapter can be attached to underneath of clamp.

    Cover with a thin piece of card and place in a non-padded envelope wiith sticky tape reinforcement.

    [small envelope & thin card keeps weight/thickness down below 100g/2.5cm respectively]

    This gives excellent protection and will go through the letterbox.

    Send by Royal Mail 'large letter' 2nd 79p or 1st £1.01. Please include your details.

    Ask for proof of postage (no extra cost), proof of postage is fine; if clamp goes missing I will honour the loss.


    If posting more than one clamp, don't bother with taping down onto card. Probably best to pack into box or bag.



    For extra security, post the clamp (including white adapter) in a box and send it 'signed for'.

    This is because if it gets lost in the post, buying a replacement is expensive!

    Or send it as per the MK1, but will be at the customers risk if it is lost in the post.




INCLUDE WHITE ADAPTER                             TAPE DOWN FLAT                           ROYAL MAIL 'LARGE LETTER'

Post 4 parts + Name & Address Tape flat. Under 100g.2.5cm. 'Large Letter' 'Large letter' 1st£1.01 2nd79p 2. Example 1. Example 3. Example

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