Platter Mat Protector

Protect your vinyl records with the Platter Mat Protector™


For anyone who plays vinyl records, dust is a persistent problem that affects the sound quality when listening to those prized LPs. The turntable mat protector stops dust from accumulating on the turntable mat and helps to prolong the life of your vinyl records.


The Problem of Dust on Vinyl Records


Dust adhering to vinyl records is a major problem and occurs every time a record is taken out of its sleeve and placed on a turntable. Using the Platter Mat Protector will go a long way in preventing the transferance of dust from the mat to the record.




Our Platter Mat Protectors are produced from high quality LPs with low quality musical content ie unwanted but in good condition. Each record has the label removed for closer contact, is warp-free and chosen for its even seal around the perimeter - leaving no gaps for any ingress of dust.


Great care is taken in cleaning, priming and top coating with the highest quality paint and are finished with a very smooth surface making it easy to wipe clean.




Wipe the Platter Mat Protector with anti-static or microfibre cloth.

An ocassional clean of the Platter Mat Protector with a few drops of washing-up liquid in warm water.




Store the Platter Mat Protector upright along with your records when the turntable is in use. The protective cover of the Platter Mat Protector has the 'Handle with care' symbol as a reminder to remove the dust from the Platter Mat Protector prior to placing it in its protective cover.



                                                           Platter Mat Protector

             Please start this procedure by making sure your turntable mat is clean


                           After listening to your records the PmP is taken out of

                           its protective cover and placed onto the turntable mat

                     DO NOT PLACE any record clamp/weight etc on top of PmP

                    It is not advisable for the PmP to be placed on sticky type mats



        1. The mat protector is placed on the turntable mat


        2. Dust accumulates on the mat protector instead of the turntable mat


        3. The mat protector is wiped clean (both sides if necessary)

             and then put into its protective cover.

             ** The PmP must be clean before placing back into its protective cover **


        4. After your listening session the mat protector is placed back onto the turntable mat.



         The high quality microfibre cloth supplied will last many years and has

         a natural positive charge that will attract the dust.  

         Cloth can be used dry or damp.

         The PmP and cloth can be Cleaned with a few drops of washing-up

         liquid in warm water.


         Protective cover of the PmP has the 'Handle with care' symbol as

         a reminder to help prevent the PmP being put back into its protective cover without    

         first having the dust removed



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