The cleaning of records is essential for reducing wear & tear to the vinyl as well as reducing wear to the stylus.

  On a personal note, after cleaning with Highqual 1, 2 or 3, my records are treated with LAST record preservative.

  Any subsequent cleaning to remove dirt, dust and static are done with Highqual 1 or 3.


  There is a myth that has been built up over the years that alcohol cleaners will harm vinyl, this is probably a throwback

  from when the old 78rpm 'shellac type' records were cleaned with alcohol/alcohol based cleaners and it was found that

  they attacked this type of material. Cleaning the normal modern vinyl record with alcohol based cleaners ie diluted solution

  will not do any harm, with the proviso that any alcohol on its own should not be used! There is an added bonus that if a

  bottle of an opened alcohol based cleaner is left for use at a later time it will be okay to use many months later, whereas a

  plant extract based cleaner can end up with a gelatinous mould growing in the middle of it.

  For anyone who does not want to spend hundreds of pounds buying a professional record cleaner and does not want the

  problem of having to send or take their records to a specialist for cleaning, then the award winning Knosti Disco-Antistatc

  is an excellent alternative. See my 'Knosti D-Antistat Review' of the Knosti Disco-Antistat bath and 'HiFi Links' for other

  reviews and purchase options for the Knosti kit/replacement clamp etc.






   Static on a record is a major problem, dust pulled onto the record that is then wiped with a cloth or brush will quickly

   render the record almost unplayable, using the best anti static cloth or brush is in my experience not good enough to

   stop this accumulation of static and dust.

   Cleaning with Highqual 1, 2 or 3 will eliminate this problem. If after cleaning a record that has had a very strong static  

   charge, it is then found to have some static still present - clean again - this should remove any residual charge that

   may still be on the vinyl.

   I have occasionally found some new and sometimes expensive inner sleeves have a mild static charge, this charge will

   affect the vinyl. If vinyl has been placed in the affected sleeve a charge exchange can happen, the vinyl will then need

   to be recleaned or alternatively use an anti static gun on the vinyl as well as the sleeve.


   The Milty Zerostat 3 is an anti static gun that will help in removing a static charge and can be bought from Mantra Audio/

   Analogue Seduction and other hifi shops for about £60.

   Use on inner sleeves as well as records.


   See 'HiFi Links' for detailed information on Milty Zerostat 3, 'click' on and

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