Some established Hi-Fi critics (Russ Andrews included) have advocated the use of two Knosti baths.

The first bath is used to clean the vinyl record and the second for rinsing. There is obviously a benefit with this method as

it is less likely for any residue to be left on the record.


My method is to use a second bath  (preferably while the record is still wet from the first bath)  and to clean/rinse with

an alcohol based mixture, or distilled water with a small amount of surfactant (as opposed to only using distilled water). Highqual 3 is my preferred choice as it is specifically designed for this application.

The advantage with this method is that any stubborn contamination still left on the record is removed and the record dries

very quickly. After cleaning records with Highqual 3 in a second bath, my tests have found that extra cleaning using ANY of the specialist record cleaning fluids that I have tried, do not yield any improvement to the sound quality.


Although some critics say that alcohol based cleaners are not as good as some of the more fashionable plant extract based cleaners, there may be some truth in this if the alcohol  based mixture is only alcohol and water, this mixture would almost certainly be more suitable for use on a vacuum type cleaning machine, this is because the fluid along with the contamination are vacuumed off the vinyl.


All my vinyl cleaners utilize a plant based biodegradeable high quality surfactant solution

(nonionic fatty  alcohol ethoxilates)


Manufacturers water quality: Typically achieves 99.9999% purity i.e., only 1 part per million impurities.


The first and second baths have the cleaning fluids soaking the record for approx 5min in each bath, (less time is required if the records are known to be in good condition) all the while slowly rotating the disc. This ability to soak and scrub at the same time, is I believe, a major advantage over the expensive vacuum type cleaning machines, as it gives the fluids time to do their work and disolve/release the contaminants.

This method may seem tedious and time consuming but the results are often spectacular.





For best results - filter the used fluids.

My preferred method is to put the fluids (400ml) from the Knosti bath through the filter after every record cleaned, this stops any of the larger particulates (10micron and above with Filter Kit1 & 1.75micron for Filter Kit 2) being deposited

onto the next record to be cleaned.

As more records are cleaned the fluid becomes saturated with disolved dirt/grease etc and cleaned records can then be seen to have a residue left on the surface. Although this residue can be seen, my listening tests have found that this is not noticeable to the ear (I can only vouch for my cleaners although other cleaners may also have this effect)

Filter Kit 2 will drastically reduce visible residue being deposited onto cleaned records



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Clean with highqual 1 or 2 to remove dirt, oil and dust etc.


After cleaning with Highqual 1 or 2, deep clean/rinse to remove any stubborn contamination or

residue left over from the first cleaning by utilising a second Disco-Antistat filled with Highqual 3

(preferably while the record is still wet from the first cleaning)


If you have one Disco-Antistat bath, clean dry/drying records with Highqual 3 as soon as is practical.