HQ4 Surfactant+




   Make your own vinyl record cleaning mixture

   Add HQ4 Surfactant+ to isopropyl alcohol

   and distilled water.

   HQ4 Surfactant+ has excellent cleaning power,

   wetting ability, rinsibility & anti-static properties.


   Make your own vinyl record cleaning rinse

   Just add 3 or 4 drops of HQ4 to a litre distilled or

   deionized water.

   Water on its own will not penetrate the grooves

   due to the surface tension of water; HQ4 is an excellent

   wetting agent and will reduce surface tension.



   HQ4 Surfactant+

   Contents :  surfactant, isopropyl alcohol, distilled water.

   Supplied in a 30ml glass dropper bottle the diluted

   solution is ready to add to your mixture.


   DIY   Starting guide for 1 litre mixture

   Add 35 drops of HQ4 to a 80% water (distilled or deionized)  

   with 20% isopropyl alcohol (99 - 99.9% grade)


   Increase to 60+ drops if vinyl records

   are in very poor condition.



   Contents @45 drops a litre is enough for 25 litres of

   fairly strong general purpose vinyl record cleaner


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