HIGHQUAL 1 :        Basic general purpose record cleaner


   Based on 99.9% pharmaceutical grade Isopropyl alcohol with distilled water and surfactant.

   This vinyl record cleaning fluid will remove oil, dirt, dust, mould etc from your vinyl record.

   Isopropyl alcohol is known for its disinfectant, antiseptic, antibacterial and sterilising properties.


   Excellent anti-static proprties to help keep your vinyl record in top condition.


   Can also be used in conjunction with Highqual 3 for the ultimate clean.

HIGHQUAL 2 :        Strong cleaner with extra surfactant

HIGHQUAL 3 :        Quick drying record cleaner/rinse with reduced surfactant


   Based on Ethanol this deep groove cleaning solution is ideal as a second cleaner/rinse in conjunction

   with Highqual 1 or 2 and is also excellent for cleaning brand new vinyl!


   Old vinyl: Deep clean/rinse to remove stubborn contamination left over from the first cleaning


   New Vinyl:  New records will obviously not have the usual dust and dirt found on older records  

   but you may find some contamination left over from the vinyl record pressing process, including a

   static charge. Using Highqual 3 (preferably 3 or 4 min in the bath) will help remove this contamination.


   Highqual 3 should ONLY be used on recently cleaned or new records as the surfactant can  

   become overloaded and consequently ineffective.


   Make your own vinyl record cleaner or rinse mixture by adding HQ4 Surfactant+

   HQ4 Surfactant+ has excellent cleaning power, wetting ability, rinsibility & anti-static properties


   HQ4 Surfactant+      

                                     Contents:  surfactant, isopropyl alcohol, distilled water


   Supplied in a 30ml glass bottle/dropper the diluted surfactant solution is ready to add to your mixture


   Contents @45 drops a litre is enough for 25  litres of fairly strong general purpose vinyl record cleaner



   DIY starting guide


   Vinyl record cleaner:  For 1 Litre add 35 drops of HQ4 to 80% distilled or deionized water

   and 20% isopropyl alcohol (99 - 99.9% grade).


   Rinse:  Add 3 or 4 drops of HQ4 to 1 Litre of distilled or deionized water

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HIGHQUAL 4 :       DIY  -  Make your own record cleaning/rinse mixture with HQ4    






  Based on Ethanol and combined with extra surfactant make Highqual 2 ideal for cleaning out the crud  

  and dirt that are sometimes found on 'boot fair' or 'charity shop' bargain records.

  The condition of these records can have a wide range of contamination that is difficult to remove.

  Highqual 2 also has excellent anti-static properties.  


   My recommendation would be to rotate the record in the Knosti bath for at least a couple of extra

   minutes on top of your normal cleaning procedure to fully disolve/release the contaminants.


   Can also be used in conjunction with Highqual 3 for the ultimate clean.        

HQ vinyl record cleaners are alcohol based.   DO NOT use Highqual 1, 2 or 3 to clean 78s or shellac records.