Modified Knosti Clamp

Modifications to the Knosti clamp.


After cleaning many records with the Knosti Disco-Antistat the one problem that stands out is the ingress of fluid onto the record labels.

The Knosti clamp can sometimes leak, the fluid may then leave tide marks on the label, with the colour leaching out into the cleaning fluid.


Over a period of two years my modifications to the clamp have improved the performance to such a degree that the problems have almost entirely disappeared. The ingress of fluid is quite often due to the label being clamped on its edge.

The clamp is tightened against  the protruding edge of the label, thereby allowing the fluid to soak into the label.


My modifications include a larger clamp area coverage from 100mm diameter to 102.5mm diameter, this extra coverage allows for most just-off-centre labels to be covered; unfortunately some badly skewed labels can not be entirely covered.


The protruding edge is removed from the Knosti clamp and a LDPE [low density polyethylene] cap is glued on with a special glue.

The LDPE cap is a soft, pliable material that helps the clamp adapt to the vinyl record and gives the clamp a much better chance of resisting any leakage. The edge of the LDPE is 1mm wide, very flat and polished to improve the seal; tests show this to be very important.

Every clamp seal is checked with a magnifying glass before despatch and comes with a three year guarantee.


After cleaning many records my results are 99.9% positive - PROVIDED that the label is not too much off centre.

CAVEAT:  Clamped records that have a label which is visibly and obviously off centre will almost certainly have ingress of fluid into the label. Records that fell into this category were not included in the results.



Other improvements:

1.  Threaded section of the clamp has been removed and replaced with extremely strong and tough material called 'chemical metal', which has then been moulded to the shape of the thread on the spindle (spindle thread is left untouched).

With thread replaced with 'chemical metal' the clamp can be done up tightly and gives a much better seal without the prospect of damaging the thread or the spindle.

Damage to the thread or spindle has been consigned to the past.


2.  Embossed arrow has been removed and the side of the clamp polished. The embossed arrow is removed because it grinds into the   side of the plastic bath leaving ground off plastic in the solution.


3.  Clamp is narrower, this gives more lateral movement (about 2-2.5mm). Extra lateral movement accommodates warped records and gives warped records an even brushing over a larger area of the vinyl.


4.  Red and white dots are painted into shallow dips drilled into the plastic, dots are on one side of the clamp and opposite one another.

The benefits:  

a. Know which way around the clamp is!

b. Count how many revolutions the record has been turned

c. Soak a predetermined section of a record if that section has particulates that are stuck in the grooves      

   thereby easing the particulates out from the groove (does not always work but worth a try!)


5.  Spindle is glued to the side of the clamp instead of using the 'push and click' fit, this gives a more stable and secure clamp with less chance of the clamp coming apart while doing-up or undoing.


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This modification to the Knosti clamp is of my own design and NOT a modification by Knosti



Modified Knosti Clamp

VRCC [vinyl record cleaning clamp]

VRCC photos

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Modified Knosti Clamp photos


[vinyl record cleaning clamp]

Bespoke designed, hand made, vinyl record cleaning clamp       NOTE: Because of the hand made nature of this product build

To fit Knosti bath - MK1/generation1 & MK2/Generation2                          times can be quite lengthy and dispatch times will vary


Utilizing high quality materials for a long service life - VRCC is guaranteed for 5 years


Components made from:  LDPE [low density polyethylene], acrylic, Stainless steel, Galvanized steel, Brass

Aluminium, Nylon, and Polypropylene



LDPE superior seals for a long life,  Acrylic side plates,

Polypropylene caps filled with resin with rotation 'grip'edging and rotation markers,

Threaded brass rod with fixed brass tube end and fine thread for incremental pressure activation,

Aluminium centre hole locator for vinyl records, Stainless steal insert with capture area for spindle,

Pinhole to stop a vacuum from forming,

Threaded spindle end with nylon 'grip' for MK1/Generation 1 Knosti bath.

Threaded spindle end with brass & stainless steel handle for MK2/Generation 2 Knosti bath.

Threaded spindle ends are interchangeable.


Vinyl record label is fully encapsulated, leaving a small gap between label edge & clamp edge,

no contact is made with the label. Some off-centre labels may not be fully encapsulated.


LDPE seals include a large clamp area coverage from 100mm diameter to102.5mm diameter, extra coverage allows for just-off-centre labels to be covered. Unfortunately some badly skewed labels can not be entirely covered.