Having been a hi-fi enthusiast for more 45 years, my love of music has propelled me towards extracting and improving the sound quality from a hi-fi system.


Already a hi-fi enthusiast when I joined KEF in 1977, I worked in the 'reference' section on the Reference 105

My work for KEF was mainly one of checking and testing,

(there is a photo of myself on KEF's website testing a B110. see Fig 4)


In its day the 105 was one of the best and most expensive loudspeakers on the market, I listened to hundreds of 105's! each one being put through a variety of tests before being packed and sent to the shops.


Being given the opportunity to experiment on the 105 and then later on with the 105 MKII, gave me an invaluable insight into the differences that could be heard after experimenting with the xovers, units, cabinets, damping etc.




Since leaving KEF I have altered and improved many loudspeakers as well as designing and building my own bass

cabinets along with improvements to the electronics and wiring etc. I also continue to experiment and make alterations to, turntables, arms and cartridges that I currently use on my hi-fi system; the main area for experimentation being the damping and control of resonance on the turntable, arm & cartridge.


Being an avid listener of the vinyl medium, I have turned my attention to the removal of dust and static from records & record players.

After being plagued by the perpetual problem of noisy records with 'clicks' & 'pops' and mistracking, due to a build up of dirt, dust and static - found my record player being put to one side in favour of CD's.


This order has now been reversed due to the introduction of the 'knosti' record cleaning bath, a modified Knosti clamp that has now been superceded by my VRCC [vinyl record cleaning clamp], and using proprietary vinyl  record cleaners and a platter-mat-protector to keep the dust off the record mat.




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